maandag 9 september 2013


JESUS in keeping HIS children in the path of perfection works in two ways:
HE gives them light which reveals the sin or darkness within and visits them in divine consolation by giving them divine life within, which destroy the darkness within. The light reveals HIS mind to HIS children and the coming of HIS divine life within preserves them in walking in that measure of light. The coming of HIS divine life within destroy the wicked one within, whose purpose is to steal ,kill and destroy (John 10 v 10 ).

All the family of CHRIST both in heaven and earth live by the principle of divine life; Including the Angelic host. Everyone in his/ her measure. Christ himself is the book containing divine life (The book of life ).He that is not in HIM who is the BOOK has no life in him but the wrath of God abiding in him (John 3 v 36 ). Divine wisdom Show apostle John in Revelation 5v 1-5, the impossibility of having divine life in none but the BOOK which was sealed with seven seals. The mystery of partaking of this divine life being veiled to him he wept that none was able to open or look into the BOOK. Here John typifies a fallen man in need of a Savior. The seals of the BOOK signify that the salvation through the coming of divine life within is from glory to glory. The opening of a seal to another reveals the different measure of the divine life the children of light can partake of as they desire more light to search them within. The BOOK being sealed seven times signifies the completeness of partaking of the divine life IN CHRIST who is the BOOK; Seven is a type of perfection or rest.

He that turneth without seeking divine life from man or even an angel is in deception. It is good that the children of light of know that they are complete in CHRIST and need none else.

1. He that will wait in patience for the coming of the light of Christ to judge and reveal the darkness within him /her will surely receive the coming of Christ divine life within and will live above the measure of that darkness the spirit reveals.

2. When Christ's light is about to reveal the hidden works of darkness within, like pride , lust, error, etc. dodge not the judgment within, but invite HIM speedily . In doing this HE will wroth a walk in you by the coming of HIS divine life within and will raise you above your natural 'goodness' in opening of a seal within. "But whosoever live by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God" (John 3v21 N.I.V).

3. He/ She that will receive purity through the work of Christ's divine life within must gladly be a fool to the wisdom of the world and to his own natural understanding (Proverbs 3v5). Christ's Light will lead you in ways you do not know; when praying and listening for HIS voice daily. The five common sense may operate well in the seen and feel but not in the supernatural. The carnal mind is dead and he that is lead by it in any measure is dead in that measure (Romans 8 v6 ). None can be free from misrepresentation of things, prejudice, worries and frustration except when He / She wait with patience the light of Christ to rightly judge the state of things.

4. The measure of the light of CHRIST you desire and walk in, in that same measure you will experience the coming of HIS divine life within. The choice is yours (Matthew 5 v6 ).

5. He / She that will wish to walk in the light of Christ and is never willing to deny his / her selfish desires with the coming of Christ light within, will never experience the coming of HIS divine life within nor receive further light within. Such folks make a try of the narrow way to LIFE but never receive grace to walk in the divine life of it, for something deep within the heart is crying like "I love CHRIST divine LIFE but I will love to have my own way." Confessing HIM without while denying HIM within.

6. Those that truly confess Christ without and within for sure will know the pain of receiving correction by the coming of CHRIST's light within, yet the patience they keep in waiting for the coming of HIS divine LIFE within will never fail them.

7. The light of CHRIST will let you see the kingdom within in the measure you desire to know about it. The coming of Christ's divine life in the kingdom within will make you a possessor of the kingdom in that same measure you see it.

8. The light of CHRIST will first judge you within and make you a possessor of that measure by the coming of Christ divine life within, before HE commit to you the words of life to judge a dying world and a corrupt "church" in that same measure you posses it. The measure of authority to judge a dying world and a corrupt "church" through the words of LIFE within will be in proportion to the measure of LIFE you posses. This judgment must be CHRIST directed work in reconciling the world IN HIM. In keeping this spiritual law you will be a blessing to yourself and your neighbor.