maandag 1 april 2013

Mosque in cairo turned into christian torture chamber

A group of uncompromising Muslims have stormed a mosque in Cairo and turned it into a torture chamber for Christians who had been actively disagreeing with the ways of the Muslim Brotherhood. Christians were taken from the Muslim Brotherhood headquarters to a mosque, and there were tortured for several hours by members of the militia.

Amir Ayad (pictured) was taken to the mosque by the Muslim Brotherhood, where he discovered they were using it to torture people. Witnesses say that those escaped from the mosque suffer serious injuries, including head and other bone fractures, birdshot injuries, and severe bleeding. Amir escaped, and is now in ICU, having his injuries treated. Mosque officials publicly apologized for the event, stating that they were stormed shortly after prayer, and quickly lost control of the mosque.
Egypt continues to be a focus point for Back To Jerusalem, as there are currently 15 missionaries living and working in the area. Last month, their business was burned to the ground in a raid; however, Back To Jerusalem is working to rebuild and start the business back up again as soon as possible. Even now, there are Back To Jerusalem representatives in country helping locals work with children.

Christians in Egypt continue to be persecuted, and the torturing of Christians in the mosque is only one of the many ways this is happening. Many Christians are forced to live in Manshiyat Naser (also known as “Garbage City”), a district of Cairo where the government consistently dumps their trash and waste. This area of Cairo generally lacks running water, electricity, and ways to safely dispose of sewage. Despite their persecution, the Christian residents of Garbage City still gather to worship.
Professors and educationalists believe that the situation in Egypt will only worsen now that the Muslim Brotherhood seem to have power. “This has been a long-standing conflict,” says one professor, “But now that the Muslim Brotherhood is in power, it is moving forward to implement its ideology –which is that Christians are supposed to become Muslims.”